The Young Entrepreneur Centre is the main organiser and host for the ASEC & GEC.

We are looking for companies to help support this prestigious  competition yearly. Sponsors not only provide funding for the event, but can give support as mentors, helpers and as mini competition judges. Join us to help create opportunities for the young entrepreneurs of Singapore to be placed on a global stage.

Previous sponsors have included PSA, Singapore Science Centre, Press Foundation of Singapore, McDonalds, Barcol-Air, Twelve Baskets, Saatchi & Saatchi, Stickfas, Avaya, Singapore International Chamber of Commerce, Credit Suisse, Pico Art, GT Tires, United in Diversity, Synch-Tech, Tuan Sing Holdings, Javee Innovations, Knorex …..

Opportunities for co-organisers, sponsors and supporters are available. If you are interested, please drop us a message.